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» What are Pokies?

The word "pokies" is Australian slang for slot machines. They can be a range of different gaming machine types but today the most popular and widely found variety are five video reel, multi-line slot games all of which have a bonus game of some sort. The most frequently seen bonus game is the chance to win free spins but other types are available.

At Online Pokies you will find honest information based only on facts so you can learn more about the pokies. This includes information on the history of the slot machine in Australia as well as how they work, how to play, tips for winning and info on the most popular pokie games and manufacturers. We also show you the facts and figures related to pokies.

» The History of Pokies

While there were slot machines in Australia as early as the 1900's it was not until 1956 when the government of New South Wales decided to legalize the one armed bandits for use exclusively in registered sporting clubs. At the time there were no legal casinos in Australia ... more

» How They Work

There is a lot of misinformation found both online and offline about how the pokies actually work. We give you the inside information, show what is inside of every game and how the outcome of every spin is decided. Find out why there is no way to consistently win playing slot machines ... more

» Most Popular Games

We take a look at the most popular games that are found in pubs, clubs and casinos in Australia as well as found in casinos around the world in places such as Las Vegas and Europe. Find out the top fifteen games and the features that make them so popular ... more

» How To Play

In terms of complexity, Aussie pokies are one of the simplest forms of gambling to learn. We take a look at one of the most common button layouts and show you what effect each of the buttons have. Once you learn how to play one game you should be easily able to transfer this knowledge to others ... More

» Tips for Winning

While there is no guaranteed way to win consistently when playing any type of slot machine there are some simple tips and strategies that you can use to get the most out of your gaming experience. Find out about the one bet that has absolutely no house advantage ... more

» The Game Makers

Find out about the manufacturers of pokie machines. Learn out about their history and how the Australian style games are now being exported all over the world to casinos in places such as Las Vegas. Find out which companies have the biggest market share and about new developments ... more