Online Gambling in Australia

It could be said that gambling is one of the most Australian of activities with virtually every Aussie involved in one way or another. In terms of the world, Australians are the biggest gamblers per capita and there are a seemingly endless array of gambling options.

Online gambling is simply another way of playing and there are countless options if you want to bet on sports or lotteries. Up until mid 2017 there were also lots of options when it came to playing pokies or online poker on the Internet from Australia however this has now changed.

Instead of following the UK Government who have regulated and licensed online gaming sites for their citizens, the Australian Government doesn't think you have the right to choose to gamble online.

With the passing of the Interactive Gambling Act Amendment Bill they have again chosen prohibition rather than increased tax revenue and player freedom. Unfortunately this means that the majority of the reputable online casinos have left or are leaving the Australian market.

The USA passed similar measures in 2006 and while all of the big brands left the US the void was filled with a lot of less than reputable casinos. The same thing is going to happen to the Australian market.

Critics of online gambling argue that problem gambling is the reason that playing online should be banned. While we all agree that problem gambling is a serious issue it's an issue with all forms of gambling.

In the end a loss for players, a loss for Australia in terms of tax revenue and jobs and most importantly a loss of a freedom in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play online if I'm in Australia?
We currently can not recommend any online casinos that accept players who reside in Australia. You can bet as much as you would like at any of the sports betting sites. You're still welcome to play games from some software providers for free at sites like

Why are all of the casinos and software providers leaving?
Unfortunately the Australian Government has chosen to attempt to enforce prohibition and as the reputable casinos are expanding into regulated markets they cannot continue to offer gaming to Australians.

What can I do about it?
The only thing you can really do is get in touch with your local member of parliament and express your unhappiness with their decision to prohibit online gaming.

Can't I just use a VPN?
While a VPN can get around the geo-blocking we don't recommend using one to play at an online casino. The reason is that when you go to cashout your details will not match your country and you will run into issues. Many casinos specifically prohibit using a VPN.