While we would like to think that we cover everything you could possibly want to know about pokies right here at there are of course other websites that you might like. Below is a collection of pokies related resources that are all well worth checking out.

Game Manucturers

Below are links to all of the major offline pokie companies. See our Pokie Manufacturers article for more information.

Media / TV / Video

Hokey Pokie (ABC / Four Corners)
First broadcast in October 2007, this 44 minute documentary looks at various aspects of the pokies industry including players, operators and government. Provides an interesting look at the Australian pokies industry.

Australia's Love for the Pokies (BBC News)
Part of the BBC's Close up series on life in various countries. This short video takes a quick look at the pokie and gambling culture in Australia. Includes a short interview with a couple of players.

Pokie Probability (ABC / Catalyst)
The ABC's Catalyst programme looks tha the probabilities behind poker machines in Australia. Includes an example playing $1 bets for an hour and explains why the longer you play the more likely you are to lose.

Online Pokies on Youtube
If you prefer to watch videos instead of reading reviews then you can see videos of of the games reviewed here at on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for updates on new games.

Free Play

You can play for free at all of the online casinos listed at but if you're looking for websites to play at then check out these sites.


The following websites all offer information relating to pokies, the poker machine industry and gambling in Australia.

Offline Gaming

If you're looking for a venue to play pokies offline these links will help you find venues near you.

For more casinos see our Australian Casinos guide which covers information about every casino in Australia.