How to Win on the Pokies

The first point to note is that there is no way to win consistently over the long term playing pokies. There is no secret to winning and there is no playing strategy that will help you win. All slot machines are set up so that the casino, pub or club will always make a profit over the long term.

Pokies and all slot machines are really intended to be used as a form of entertainment not as a way for you to win money. You have a much greater chance of losing than you do have of winning. The chance of losing money increases the longer that you continue playing.

Having said that there are are few things that you can do as a player to give yourself the best chance of winning in the short term and to make sure that you do not lose more money than you can afford. Below we outline a few tips and strategies to help you minimize losses and maximise wins.

Quick Tips

  • Always set a budget before you play
  • Never play with money needed for other expenses such as bills
  • In general the higher denomination games have better pay backs
  • Do not increase your bets when you are losing
  • Never chase your losses
  • Treat each gambling session independent of previous sessions
  • Set a time limit for your gambling sessions
  • If you do win make sure that you cash out and walk away
  • Play at casinos where you can win bigger amounts compared to pubs
  • Play online where the payout percentages are higher
  • Join the VIP program at the casino to get extra free rewards
  • Don't play when you have had too much to drink
  • Don't continue playing just because the feature has not hit in a while
  • Play for entertainment, not to win money

Jackpot Links with Set Maximum Wins

There is one situation where playing pokies may have a positive expectation - linked jackpots. Many pubs and clubs have jackpot links that have a system where the jackpot must be won before it reaches a certain amount.

This can lead to a situation where the jackpot is a dollar or two below the maximum level which means it will definitely be won in the very near future. Playing when the jackpots are like this may actually turn the odds in the players favour.

Setting Limits

One of the biggest tips we can give you is to set limits to the amount you are going to spend playing the pokies. If you do this and stick to the limits you have set you will be guaranteed to keep things fun. If you win you win and if you lose you should have still had fun spinning the reels.

Playing online gives you the added advantage over playing offline of being able to set limits before you play that you cannot go over. We highly recommend doing this when you open a casino account and before you play.

The Gamble Option

Did you know that the gamble option on pokies has no house advantage? Read our guide on the Gamble Feature to find out how the double up option on poker machines is actually the best bet they offer.